Our collections come from some of the most recognized manufacturers of men's formal and casual wear.

Men's Clothing and Product Brands at Ferreri Clothier

Browse some of the brands we carry below, or come in to our store to see the latest from our suppliers.

Klauss Boehler Logo

The Klauss Boehler collection features the highest quality fine tailored dress shirts and sports shirts. Find Klauss Boehler dress shirts in Cobourg.

Jack Victor Menswear Logo

Jack Victor menswear at Ferreri Clothier. A local Canadian brand that has been designed and produced exclusively out of Montreal, Quebec since 1913.

John Varvatos Logo

John Varvatos clothing at Ferreri Clothier. Since 2000, John Varvatos has been providing high-end men’s designer fashion with a counter-culture flair.

Heritage 34 Logo

Heritage 34 denim jeans at Ferreri Clothier. The quintessential denim brand for the modern gentleman. Available in Cobourg, Ontario.

Circolo 1901 Logo

Understated but never boring, Circolo 1901 is an Italian luxury fashion company that lets their clothing speak for itself.

Brax Logo

Brax has achieved international success as leaders in the global fashion industry for their innovation and unique production techniques.

Paige Logo

The cornerstones of Paige’s menswear collection are cutting edge shirts and outerwear, premium basics, and designer performance-driven denim.

Fradi Logo

Fradi is a family owned luxury menswear company that is proud to offer the finest quality that Italian craftsmanship has to offer.

Desoto Logo

Desoto shirts and jerseys are made for the modern-day traveller. Buy Desoto shirts and jersey in Cobourg, Ontario at Ferreri Clothier.

7 Downie St. Logo

Whether you’re seeking something neutral, understated, and professional, or bold, bright colours with loud patterns, 7 Downie St. has it all.

Parajumpers Logo

Parajumper clothing has been created with durability, functionality, and warmth at the core of each design.

Sand Logo

Buy Sand menswear at Cobourg's Ferreri Clothier. European high fashion made from only the finest materials sourced from the best Italian weavers.

Robert Graham Logo

Robert Graham at Ferreri Clothier. Founded in 2001, Robert Graham has been at the forefront of bold innovation, luxury, and creative originality.

Luminox Logo

Luminox is the official watch of choice for professional divers, Navy SEALs, stealth jet fighter pilots, and elite forces worldwide.

AG Jeans

AG Jeans at Ferreri Clothier. Launched in the year 2000, AG began as a denim fashion specializing in high-quality designer jeans.

Secrid Wallets Logo

View our collection of Secrid Wallets at Rino Ferreri’s in Cobourg, Ontario and let their dedication to quality speak for itself.

BN3TH Logo

From the very start of the company, BN3TH has been dedicated to raising the bar for men’s underwear.

Superdry Logo

Superdry menswear with a creative contemporary design and strong style. Find Superdry men's clothing at Ferreri Clothier in Cobourg, Ontario.

Lipson Logo

This proudly Canadian shirt making company has had over 50 years of business operation out of the heart of downtown Toronto.

Eterna Logo

Eterna is a luxury lifestyle clothing company that uses manufacturing methods inspired by traditions dating all the way back to 1863.

Alberto Logo

Alberto sources the finest yarns and fabrics from Italy, each pair boasting perfect craftsmanship and material quality.

Hairy Face

Hairy Face is dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need for proper skincare and haircare maintenance.

Benson Men's Fashion

Benson menswear at Ferreri Clothier. The Benson company provides a unique cross-generational stylistic approach to their men’s fashion collections.