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Call 905 372 8994 to set up your Video Shop

Then connect with us directly online using the Virtual Advice app.

Instantly Connect With a Video Call

Want to shop without leaving the house?

Not sure about size, how it will fit or have some questions about where to begin?

Sure you can shop online but it’s confusing, impersonal and a gamble for fit.

We Make it Easy!!

Connect instantly with a video call.

Better than facetime, works with Apple & Android

Just call anytime during store hours and you will get one of our team. Have a face to face conversation, discuss your wants, needs and concerns. We will provide insight, walk you through the store and show you outfits in real time, all the while answering any questions that you might have throughout the experience.

It’s like being there but not….

We will then take payment and arrange for pickup or delivery.