Dress shirts are a necessary staple in men’s fashion, but did you know that most men wear dress shirts that don’t fit them properly?

The wearer may not notice a difference, but other people will find it unprofessional looking, and over-all less sharp than it could be. At Ferreri’s, we can provide professional tailoring services to ensure that you have the best fitting men’s dress shirts money can buy.

The Klauss Boehler collection features the highest quality fine tailored dress shirts and sports shirts. Find Klauss Boehler dress shirts in Cobourg.

Klauss Boehler

Eterna is a luxury lifestyle clothing company that uses manufacturing methods inspired by traditions dating all the way back to 1863.


Desoto shirts and jerseys are made for the modern-day traveller. Buy Desoto shirts and jersey in Cobourg, Ontario at Ferreri Clothier.


This proudly Canadian shirt making company has had over 50 years of business operation out of the heart of downtown Toronto.